High Notes, 2015 Week 1

As Ohio State-Virginia Tech nears its conclusion, every halftime show of this glorious five day stretch is behind us. There were a lot of high notes this weekend, but I'm going to give credit to one that spoke for a good deal of my Saturday afternoon.

It was simply inertia that had me watching Penn State-Temple yesterday afternoon. I took the kids out and about in what the Solid Verbal has dubbed the "Window of Opportunity," and when I returned, the TV was on ESPN, where I had left it on College Gameday hours prior. I expect much from it, but as a Philly area native, I figured it was worth keeping on for at least a bit.  But all of a sudden, a game that should've been little more than a speed bump for the Nittany Lions was continuing its push forwards Temple's first win against Penn State - or any current Power Five conference team, for that matter - since World War II.

While a contingent of the Blue Band made the trip to Lincoln Financial, the soundtrack was dominated by Temple's Diamond Marching Band. I had the pleasure of seeing them live a few years ago - also a victory for the cherry and white, sadly over my USF Bulls that time - and they didn't disappoint then either. Like their football team and especially their defensive front on Saturday, the Diamond Band brought the house this Saturday.