High Notes, 2012 Week 4

The High Notes for week 4 of the 2012 season is a supersized edition. There are a few things, from both the old format and last week's new playbook.

My first marching band recognition goes to Notre Dame. Say what you want about them, but they've still got the best deal going, with all home halftimes broadcast on NBCsports.com. I tuned into their game vs. Michigan last week just past the half, but I was able to run it back online and catch a halftime show that included the likes of Rihanna and Neon Trees.

Looking to reprise their role as viral YouTube champions, Ohio's Marching 110 came through again with a hit that lit up the internet. This time, it was Gangnam Style.

Finally, in the realm of high notes that aren't directly marching band related, Greensboro came through big last week with the Spring Garden Food Truck Festival. Greensboro is a sizable city of about a quarter million, anchoring a metro area of better than one million. It's several times larger than Wilmington, DE where I grew up. Still, when you consider that Wilmington's part of the Philly metro area, Greensboro is a good deal smaller than any metro area in which I've ever lived. And while the city itself sometimes feels like an expansive suburb, occasionally we'll do something that makes me think wow! We're like a real city! This festival was one of those.