High Notes, 2011: Week 6

I know I said in the last post that because of my lack of games on TV, there wouldn't be a recognition for week 6, but the internet had prompted me to go back on that word and award my Week 6 High Notes recognition to the Ohio University Marching 110. If you've been anywhere online in the past week or so, you've probably seen the heavily-viraled video of the Marching 110 performing Party Rock Anthem. If somehow you've missed it, behold:

First of all, let me point out that the Marching 110 is an excellent marching organization. they were long before this video went viral, and will be long after. They march well, they play well, and as you can probably tell, they have fun on the field.

When things like this blow up--I remember the same a year ago with the Hawaii field goal kicker--it's always interesting for me, doing what I do. I usually get a couple of questions: "Did you see that? Wasn't it amazing?"

To answer the first: Chances are quite good I'm the biggest band nerd you know, and as such, yes, I've probably seen it.

For the second--Wasn't it amazing? In most cases, if it's being passed around, yes, it is amazing. But here's the thing: Amazing happens every Saturday on football fields throughout the country, and a lot of it happens when the game clock isn't running. Amazing happens in a variety of marching styles, with a variety of musical offerings, and it happens largely out of the view of television cameras, and sadly, also out of the view of live spectators who take the opportunity to grab a beer instead of watching what's going on on the field. The band featured in particular makes amazing happen pretty much every time they strap on their spats. So I'm sure you'll allow me the role of both hipster and evangelist when I say yes, I've been seeing marching bands do great things before it went pop. I encourage you to get out there and check it out yourself.