Band on the Road 2017

(If you're more interested in the database than the prose, I'm happy to oblige)

You love your team. You love them more with a soundtrack.

That was the driving force behind Band on the Road when it began back in 2011. Wouldn't it be great to know if your band was going to be at an away game you might be thinking about attending? Or if, at home, your opponent might be bringing a little extra juice into the stands?

I started a database with the intent of being valuable to sports fans and band fans alike. To my knowledge, it's the most comprehensive, if not the only one of its kind. And while I provide the startup, the goal has always been crowdsourcing. This belongs to y'all. Once I set it free, I hope not only that folks take interest and find it informative, but feel empowered to update it themselves with any information they may have.

Over the years, the methods have stayed mostly the same, but the output has been greater. Bands have kept up with their websites better, and provided information on social media. This year, I got a great assist from College Marching, who included quite a few key road games in their What to Expect in 2017 piece. The annual comb through schedules serves further to whet my appetite for the coming season.

And, of course, there's you. Now that the database is out in the wild, I invite you to update with whatever information you may have on band travel. It is always my aim for the resource to be as comprehensive as possible, and that can't be done without your help.

This disclaimer I always include, for myself, as much as anyone else: I stick to Power 5 schools and HBCU classics for scope, not slight. A few years ago, it meant axing my own Big East/American as they fell out of the sport's power structure. I am fully aware there are amazing bands in the Group of 5, FCS, and Divisions II and III that could stand to be included, and I invite you to add them as well!

As often, this is going live on 8/25 - the unofficial marching holiday and season harbinger. Enjoy!