Georgia. Southern.

It seems the Human Jukebox has a habit of going back to back, and this time it's going on here. Southern will making the trip to UGA this weekend, and they're bringing the 'Box. In fact, they're contractually obligated to. In a move not mirrored anywhere else on the Dawgs' schedule, the contract with Southern specifically includes the Human Jukebox's halftime performance, for which UGA has allotted nine minutes, a princely sum for a road band.

While contracts don't always include the bands, it's not unheard of; FAMU and Oklahoma may have revisited the negotiating table a few years ago when the Marching 100's suspension prevented a matchup of the two Sudler Trophy-winning programs in Norman. While Southern hasn't hoisted the statue - yet - there's no question that there will be two bands at the top of their respective games between the hedges this Saturday.

The game brings forth a few anomalies. Despite their home in Baton Rouge, Southern has never played an SEC team. UGA, on the other hand, has never played an HBCU, despite being surrounded by them. It may seem peculiar, but you'll recall Delaware never played DelState until 2007. I don't know how Southern is traveling to Athens, but whether they're bussing or flying into ATL, there's a good chance they'll make a cameo in Atlanta's fertile recruiting ground to make some SWAC inroads in the east. And who knows - maybe there's a collaboration in store, a la A&T/UNC.