The Long Haul

I'm nothing if not consistent, it seems.

As a denizen of Tournament Town, I've been fixated on the ACC basketball tournaments - moreso the men's - since I made the mental switch to basketball when football ended. With a recently expanded conference tournament, I found myself wondering if schools that in the opening day - especially those who have to travel some distance - would send their pep bands. Turns out I've wondered that sort of thing before.

This year adds an additional wrinkle. To move the championship game off of Selection Sunday, the tournament will now tip off on a Tuesday, adding another weekday into the mix for bands that begin in the opening round and continue to advance. Again, I wonder: If you're in last place in the conference and making the trip from Chestnut Hill - Boston College's lot in life if the season ended today - do you send the pep band? Here's hoping.