Missing the Beat

While a sizable portion of the bandosphere is in front of television sets - some in spite of themselves -  this Monday night watching Drumline 2, I won't be. I'll miss viewing live for two reasons: The first is that it's Homecoming at my employer, so I've got a work obligation; the second is that I no longer have cable, so I wouldn't be able to see it even if I were home.

I realize the fact that I'm missing a made-for-TV movie is a non-story. and yet somehow I feel a duty. Not just a duty to you, dear reader, but to my history with the first Drumline movie, having been an early adopter in all of its forms, going to bat for the film against corps style kids and continuing to believe that while it may not have been the best movie (though I love it), it was undoubtedly an important movie for marching/athletic music. It is a duty I may feel stronger than the film's own producers, or else we may be a stronger showing than a straight-to-TV sequel a dozen years later.

I'll see it in due time; hopefully sooner rather than later, depending on its availability on Hulu Plus. And when I do, expect a full report.