B1G Effing Deal

There's no Natty Greene's at the Big Ten Tournament, Terps.
As you may know, my relationship with the University of Maryland, College Park is complicated, but one thing is for certain: I still don't like the move to the Big Ten. To some degree, I'd like the ACC to have the last laugh in their breakup, but I go back and forth on that, because my relationship with the ACC is also complicated. That said, sometimes the decision is an easy one to make.

It's Memorial Day Weekend, which means the lacrosse Final Four is upon us. Three ACC teams from what may be the strongest field in a single sport ever assembled will be playing. In the semifinals, College Park plays Notre Dame, while Duke plays Denver. If the Terps and Blue Devils both advance, it sets up what could be an epic exit for the Terps. With a victory, College Park hits a walkoff homer before riding into the ACC's sunset: A national championship, won over their biggest ACC rival (no matter what the Dookies tell you), in Baltimore, in the state sport of lacrosse. The Terps would then ride off to the Big Ten to join up with an actual rival in this sport, Johns Hopkins. It would be a fairytale ending. By the way, it doesn't hurt that the Terps are also headed to the title game in spring's other sport here in Greensboro and may get a chance to vanquish the same foe in baseball for an ACC crown.