Amazing Happens Every Saturday

But here's the thing: Amazing happens every Saturday on football fields throughout the country, and a lot of it happens when the game clock isn't running. Amazing happens in a variety of marching styles, with a variety of musical offerings, and it happens largely out of the view of television cameras, and sadly, also out of the view of live spectators who take the opportunity to grab a beer instead of watching what's going on on the field. October 11, 2011

You may recall I debuted Amazing Happens Every Saturday last year, based on the fact that while some marching band shows transcend the field and go viral, there truly are amazing things happening each and every week. The early part of the 2013 season provides a few examples:

Michigan Marching Band - From Ann Arbor With Love

This was Michigan's show from back in Week 1. Playing music from the James Bond films is by no means a novel concept, but this particular show involves the university president, a nefarious plot involving their archrival, and Michigan Stadium's video board. It's the first time I recall seeing a marching show get this multimedia. If you've been following step shows put on by historically black fraternities and sororities over the past decade or so, you've certainly seen the art form evolve to include video, and with most stadiums having some form of jumbotron, the same evolution in marching music is a real possibility. For the record, while I enjoyed this show, I'm not sure how I feel about this becoming a regular occurrence. Call me a traditionalist.

Oklahoma State Cowboy Marching Band - Beatles

Typically, the shows that go viral have some element of pop culture involved - the latest pop tune, dance move, or a literal drill set that anyone can latch onto. While this show uses the music of one of the most popular bands of all time, what sets is apart is that it's just so well done. It's musically sound, and the drill is curvilinear for those who want it, literal for those who need it, and throws in some doses of school spirit, lest we forget why we're there.