Before the Clock Starts: T-1 Week

This time next week, you'll hopefully be putting in long hours in front of your television or at your local stadium. College football is upon us! We'll kick off the final week with some goodies for tomorrow's holiday, but for now, in the final week before football returns, the final Before the Clock Starts.

As with last year, we'll take a look at what conference champions do before the clock starts: The pregame show. Designed to set the tone for the football game to follow, pregame shows are, by design, high-energy, crowd-focused, and school-centric.

Why bother with a flowery writeup? Alabama. National championship game. This sort of thing tends to happen these days. I suppose the only news this time through is that they rolled through Atlanta and the SEC Championship game first this time through.

Representing the SEC: Alabama's Million Dollar Band