Band on the Road 2012

It's been a year on the road--figuratively, of course--and I've got to say it's been a labor of love. Finding up-to-date schedules isn't always the easiest, and it takes a good deal of work to create the reference, but I honestly love doing it, both because it's great to have and I love seeing what trips bands are taking and which matchups I have to look forward to.

To the uninitiated: The Band on the Road Project began prior to the 2011 college football season. My intent was, and remains, to document which games college bands are traveling to. From my standpoint, it's both a personal interest and a bit of a gift for those who may follow football but not necessarily marching. After all, regardless of if you're glued to your seat every pregame and halftime or if you consider the marching band simply a living, breathing stereo meant to deliver the fight song and a few other spirited tunes, there's no denying that college football wouldn't be the same without it. If you're going to see your team on the road, it would be nice to know if you'll have a little slice of home there. When you're at home, you'll know if you'll have to put up with Rocky Top or the War Chant 25 times a game.

I put it together by combing through the schedules--when available/updated--of the marching bands of the BCS AQ conferences (as well as the Division I HBCUs) as the base data. Beyond that, I get a little help, from current and former band members in the know, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else tips present themselves, up to and including adding games as I'm watching them if I notice the road band is present. I typically update it weekly as game times that begin as TBA firm up, or as new information becomes available. I also began the Band on the Road Game of the Week last year, highlighting a game of particular note with two bands present each week.

I also rely upon you. The Band on the Road database is public and entirely editable through Google Docs. If you've got any information and are able to add it, please do so. As I said last year, I stick with the Big 6 and Division I HBCUs not out of slight, but simply the limitations of doing this of doing this on my own. If you'd like to include matchups from any other programs, by all means, add them!

I hope this resource serves you well. Without further ado: