BOTR Game of the Week

Back at the beginning of the season, I said that I hoped to give you "more" this season. I think I've started to do that, especially with the Band on the Road Project, but I can't believe it's taking me until midseason to think to do a Game of the Week

A few caveats: Given the nature of this blog, the Game of the Week pick will be based just as much (ok, let's be honest, probably way more) on the band matchup as the football matchup. This means that I'm only focusing on games that have both bands present, as identified in the Band on the Road Project. Favor will of course go to full bands, so traveling pep bands will play second fiddle.

With all that said, in Week 7 I give you the Battle of the Bay: The HBCU rivalry between The Marching Force of Hampton University and Norfolk State's Spartan Legion. Behold (no pun intended):

In other news, with tonight being Midnight Madness at colleges across the country, pep band season is upon us. For schools with football, it likely represents a split in focus for the band folks, while schools without football begin their basketball season grind.  All the best for those stepping into the stands tonight!