Champions Division

At the beginning of the year, I declared the SEC West my "All 80" Division. This isn't me patting myself on the back by any means. It doesn't take a leap of faith to proclaim excellence in a division that holds three of the last four national championships and holds four Sudler Trophies (adding a fifth when Texas A&M joins the league). Still I don't think anyone could have called where we sit now--with the top three teams in the BCS all hailing from a single division.

This fact comes close to guaranteeing an all-SEC West national championship game, and even allows for the outside possibility that three SEC teams could make the BCS. Currently in the driver's seats  sit LSU and Alabama, who met up a few weeks ago in the GAME. OF. THE. CENTURY. While talk of a potential rematch between these two began before their game and continued afterwards, it's becoming close to reality, a fact which scares some. After all, the first game, a 9-6 LSU overtime victory, was a defensive struggle deemed boring by many. Much like mutant brother Cyclops and Havok, LSU and Alabama were unable to mount any offensive power against one another, and the fear is that we'd be up for more of the same in January with a rematch.

Sitting at #3 is Arkansas, who has the opportunity to play spoiler as they face LSU this weekend. They have sat all season in a role not unlike anyone not named the Yankees or Red Sox in the AL East until recent years:  no matter how well they perform, they are sitting looking up at two behemoths who receive the glut of the media's attention. The Hogs hope to right that this Saturday.

Worth noting: These three SEC West teams occupy the top three spots. A fourth, Auburn, is the reigning national champion. Each of these four is a Sudler Trophy recipient. You know who has to feel worthless in all of this? The entire state of Mississippi. But it seems they are simply content with chanting "SEC!" like the rest and keeping it moving.