There are a couple of leitmotifs that keep coming back to 80 Minutes. Some weekly during certain season, others as the subject matter comes up or the spirit moves me. Here are a few:

The Big Band Bowl Battle (B4): Perhaps my most ambitious undertaking, chronicling the marching band matchups in each bowl game.

Band on the Road: Weekly, Band on the Road chronicles a game of the week that features a traveling band. In the broader sense, it's the database each year that documents which bands are traveling to which away games.

Before the Clock Starts: A quick conference look before the season begins, through a band lens.

Harebrained Schemes: This isn't so much a series as it is a collection of some of the slightly ambitious to completely off-the-wall things that come to mind and come to light here.

High Notes: (Nearly) Every week during football season, I recognize a marching band that distinguished itself that week.

Staccato: A series of short notes (get it?) pertaining to topics in sports and marching/athletic music

And as always, check the labels below to find exactly what you're looking for!