Greene Pastures

 Sometimes, you've got to leave Tournament Town for a tournament.

Most years, I spend college hoops conference tournament season at home in Greensboro. Why shouldn't I? We're almost always home to the ACC women's tournament, and sometimes get ACC men's as well. 

This year, I'm headed south, to another city that boast General Nathanael Greene as a namesake. Greenville, South Carolina plays host to the SEC women's basketball tournament, and after considering it for a while, I'm making the trip this year. 

While the ACC currently boasts more ranked teams, the SEC is home to the #1 team, a change of scenery, a new cast of characters, and the loyal fanbases of the sport's old and new guards. And, because y'all know how I get down, a new host of pep bands. I'm headed down for the tourney's two fat days - the double-doubleheaders of the second round and quarter finals on Thursday and Friday. In doing so I'll catch every team in the league but the two who get ousted on Wednesday, including the top four teams who will double-bye into Friday action. I've also had limited experience with Greenville, SC, which I hear is a pretty cool city, so I'm looking forward to checking it out as well.

My own city, Greensboro, is a well worn path for me, but Greenville will be new. Help me out - if you've been I'd love your insight, and if you'll be headed there this year, It'd be great to catch you there!