A Season of Charlotte


First, I'll acknowledge it's been quiet over here on the site proper. I've been a bit more active this season on social media, though even then, not terribly much so. As the college football regular season draws to a close, I'm going to back it up to Week 1, 

I started the season throughout North Carolina, taking in Elon at Wake Forest on Thursday night; College GameDay before UNC-South Carolina on Saturday, and then back to Charlotte for the HBCU Labor Day Classic Battle of the Bands on Sunday. For each of these, the best of me was found on Instagram and YouTube.

The season started with a couple of trips to Charlotte, and it looks like it will end the same way. The Duke's Mayo Bowl is already in the plans, but I just learned that the Bahamas Bowl will be held in Charlotte this year - Jerry Richardson Stadium, on the campus of UNC Charlotte, will host the Bahamas Bowl - temporarily rebranded as the Famous Toastery Bowl - while Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau is under construction.

If bowl projections hold - specifically Jerry Palm's for CBS Sports - the came could pair the Ohio Bobcats and the Jacksonville State Gamecocks, and with them the Marching 110 and the Marching Southerners. While I realize bowl projections are just an educated guess, I'm really hoping this comes to fruition.