Three Weeks in Tournament Town

Over the span of three glorious weeks in Greensboro: ACC Women's Basketball Tournament, ACC Men's Basketball Tournament, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament first and second rounds. 

I gotta be honest. Most of the reason I haven't posted about this yet is because I checked the tape, and I've had pretty much the same things to say: Just how awesome it is to be here and have the chance to take it all in. I switched up my routine a bit, spreading attendance at the ACC tournaments over a few days instead of cramming the bulk of my watching into a one day quadruple-header. The change came largely because my kids have their own activity schedules now, but honestly, I liked how it worked. Over what amounted to six days at the Coliseum in a sixteen day span, I got to experience three tournaments from a variety of vantage points, the fanbases of nearly two dozen schools, and, of course, the pep bands of a good chunk of them.

In fact, I can show you better than I can tell you.  The best on Twitter is at #bracketbands, and there's plenty to be had on YouTube as well.