HBCU Battles of the Bands may be slim pickin's this coming school year.

Back in January, we learned that due to a scheduling conflict with Atlanta hosting the Super Bowl, Honda Battle of the Bands would not take place in 2019. While disappointing, those of us in the Southeast (and especially those of us in North Carolina) new we'd still have Queen City Battle of the Bands.

But wait...

This spring, we learned that the "Queen City" Battle of the Bands was moving to Houston. This was one of the sites I thought was likely to assume the Honda mantle before that event was canceled, and its placement in a major stadium in the heart of SWAC country made sense, if not convenience for some (read: myself).

But wait...

This week, we learned that the event in Houston, now the National Battle of the Bands, had changed its date.

To 2019.

To recap, we lost functionally three battles for the 2018-19 school year in relatively short order. The pickings are slim for battle in the coming year, to the consternation of bandheads everywhere.

Crankfest in New Orleans will likely see its third year. Savannah State took the opportunity to publicize the return of Marsh Madness, which debuted in 2017. And the National Collegiate Marching Band Championship Bowl, which postponed its opening from last year, is scheduled to debut in Columbia SC just after Thanksgiving. Will any of these competitions step up and fill the void? Will a new challenger emerge? Or are we headed to a light year?