Dawg Days of March: Media Guide

This is part of a three part series:

A corollary of the added attention is that in relatively short order, quite a few articles were written extolling the virtues of dear old alma mater, both on and off the court.

-SB Nation had to figure out who the hell we even are.
-After they did, though, they gave a pretty robust oral history..
-ESPN, too, felt the need to tell folks who we are.
-They also provided a 72 hours in the life of UMBC piece.
-The New York Times said our Cinderella story was true in academics too.
-Sports Illustrated gave us a (digital) cover.
-Among the biggest bump in our fanbase? Actual Retrievers.
-Our mascot got some podcast love.
-Our director of multimedia communications (read: Twitter guy) balled out as well. Here's the account in his own words.
-The rest of Twitter enjoyed it as well.
-Our players compare the victory to a Fortnite win, because we nerd hard.
-They also shouted out the chess team. You thought I was playing?
-The spotlight also turned to President Hrabowski, the engine who makes this whole thing go.
-In fact, the world-renowned academic saw fit to pen a piece himself.
-Elsewhere in academia, the Chronicle of Higher Education sung the praises of universities like us.
-Back on campus, we kinda didn't know how to behave with this sort of thing.
-Some of our alumni sounded off on seeing everyone get a taste of a school that meant everything to us.
-One such alum? The Surgeon General.
-But apart from those of us who learned to love directly form 1000 Hilltop Circle, UMBC captured the hearts of a nation, and while the run was brief, it can never be forgotten.