Bracket Bands 2018

FSU's Seminole Sound.
Man, I love living in Tournament Town.

With the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament returning to Greensboro after a year away, I treated myself to a Fat Friday at the league quarterfinals. I maintain that eight bands, teams, and fanbases in about eight net hours is one of the best experiences in all of sports.

I won't rehash the entire tournament for you; you can get a pretty solid feel via Twitter or Instagram, or #bracketbands on either platform. But a few highlights:

-I went back through the ACC Hall of Champions for the first time in a while, and the first time with the current conference lineup.

-Speaking of the lineup, seeing Louisville fans here in Greensboro just fit. I'm not a fan of all that realignment hath wrought, but that one seems right from all sides.

-Miami's high flying lead trumpet seems to have graduated, or at least not made the trip for the women's tourney.

-While each band brought something to the table, FSU's Seminole Sound in the nightcap was the champ.

Thanks to a local deal, I got back in for the Saturday semifinals with the family, so I got to reprise a few of the bands I got to see.

Lucky for me (and you!) the live Bracket Bands fun doesn't stop! With UMBC headed to Charlotte for the NCAA Tournament, I'll be live from Session 2 on Friday night. I'll catch UMBC, UVA, Creighton, and Kansas State. UMBC, of course, I know intimately; UVA I just saw here in Greensboro. Creighton made the trip to Greensboro a few years back when we hosted, but I didn't get to see their pep band. And I'm looking forward to K-State as the pep band peeloff of a Sudler Trophy winner.