If You Want Me, You Can Find Me in the A

As the events of the College Football Playoff National Championship unfolded in Tampa, I was struck by a tinge of FOMO (or by that point, ROMO - Reality of Missing Out) I couldn't have foreseen. Back when Tampa was awarded the championship, I made a few noncommittal references to making a trip. After all, Tampa was once my home, I still have friends down that way, and they'd be playing in the same stadium where I've spent so many football Saturdays. But I never gave it any effort, it never panned out, and earlier this month, I felt it. And I don't intend to let it happen again.

The new playoff format allows for the championship to come the closest it ever has. And while even Tampa would've been a flight or a long drive, next year in Atlanta is a mere five hours away. The 2017 season championship will be in Atlanta's new Mercedes Benz Stadium (aka the Stankonia Dome) and while actually attending the game may be too rich for my blood, there's plenty to enjoy, especially when your primary beat is, well, the beat. With this year's schedule as a guide, both bands made multiple appearances throughout championship weekend. If I stick around, I'll likely make it to the tailgate lot as well.

While I can't say for certain it's happening yet, I'm working towards it, and part of putting it out here is to hold myself accountable. I've got a hotel booked (though fully refundable). If all else works out schedule-wise, come January 2018 you can find me in the A.