Staccato Notes/BOTR Game of the Week 2016 Week 12

It's been weeks on weeks since the last game of the week, but it's returning after a few short non-sequitur notes.
-Colorado's had quite a run this season, and I continue to root for their success. Because Jim Leavitt.
-Speaking of USF, I need someone to go ahead and kneecap Temple. There I go rooting against Philly football again.
-Barring that, however, we're looking at an all mid-Atlantic championship game in the American if we get Temple vs. Navy. Cresap's War redux, if you will.

For this week's game of the week, Ohio State travels to East Lansing in what this season's precedent would predict will be a shellacking of Michigan State. TBDBITL is making the trip, however, so halftime with both bands will be something to look forward to.

In the SEC Network What to Watch For, it's cupcake week in the SEC, which is surprisingly fertile ground for band matchups. My eye is drawn to the Plains, where In-state ag rival Alabama A&M will travel to Auburn and bring the Marching Maroon and White with them. The game kicks at 7, and halftime will be available via SEC Network+.


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