Game Recognize Game

Few would argue against the Ohio State University Marching Band and the Southern University Human Jukebox being among the best bands in the nation, and on top of their respective interpretations of their craft.

Right now, none of that matters.

The Southern University community, like much of Baton Rouge and southern Louisiana, was devastated by catastrophic flooding through much of the month of August, and while the waters have receded, the community - in a state heavily affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 - continues to assess damage and rebuild, both physically and emotionally.

An olive branch - or more specifically, a buckeye leaf - was extended from Ohio, as the Ohio State band sent the Human Jukebox a bass drum head, signed by all of their members, as well as a note from director Chris Hoch, letting Southern know they had their back in the face of adversity. See the video below.

Argue all you will about the talent of either band - and again, there's very little to argue - but this was an amazing showing of bandsmanship.