I am not a brand.

Sure, the website, the social media accounts, and the occasional use of an unnecessary first person plural may lead this to be perceived as such, but 80 Minutes of Regulation is, at present, the work of one man. Specifically a black man living in America, where the past few days have been tough.

I've always stayed obsessively on-topic, sticking to sports, marching/athletic music, and related sports-adjacents, but somehow it didn't feel right to just pick up and write another post as though all was as it was when I last posted a week ago. in the time since, the particularly harrowing past few days have seen the loss of life of two black men at the hands of police: First Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA; and then Philando Castile in the Twin Cities metro of Minneapolis a day later. Last night, in Dallas, a sniper killed five police officers (not all names have yet been released, the only reason for their omission), wounding several more, in an ambush that broke out following a peaceful Black Live Matter protest.

It's been a trying few days, and I'm simultaneously hopeful and fearful for what's to follow for any individuals and for us as a nation.

And now, I hop down from the podium. Y'all be good to each other. March on...