Honda 2016

We ready.
To state that the Honda Battle of the Bands is my Super Bowl would betray the reverence I hold for the Super Bowl itself. Still, when I learned of the Campus Insiders broadcast of the invitational showcase, I cleared my calendar, eager to watch the Honda live for the first time since eight years ago when I last attended in person.

If I've been obnoxiously effusive in my praise of Campus Insiders for bringing Honda to us, know that every bit of it is sincere. While I've typically been able to catch every individual show after the fact on YouTube and other such channels, there's something about watching it live, especially in the age of social media. In doing so, I took the opportunity to live-tweet the event as it was going on. As you can see, I also took the opportunity to grab some pizza, wings, and beer as I prepared to post up on the couch and enjoy the showdown from A-Town.

If you've followed for long enough, you're familiar with my "twitrospective" format. Here's what I had to say during the show itself.

It should go without saying, but I deem the live broadcast a huge success, and hope to see it continue. Campus Insiders actually earned themselves a new fan for their sports coverage as well; Honda was an entry point to what all the site has to offer. While I hope to soon return to the Dome (or soon, the new digs) the live broadcast was an excellent alternative.