"This New Year's Eve Will Be So Awesome..."

ESPN is up against an unenviable task: Selling us on swapping our New Year's Eve plans for the college football playoff.
The commercial is a turd, but the folks at Every Day Should Be Saturday already did a fine job of breaking that down at length.

Make no mistake, the Worldwide Leader is in a mess of their own making through their contract with the Rose Bowl which keeps that game at 5pm Eastern on New Year's Day. I discussed the problem and a few possible solutions nearly a year ago, but here we sit, with major bowls on New Year's Eve and a horrible commercial that seems to mouth "I'm sorry" at you when their Granddaddy isn't looking. People will still watch - I'm one of them - and perhaps we'll start a new New Year's Eve tradition four out of every six years, but let's be clear: The necessity came not out of a conscious decision or careful planning, but a preexisting condition.