I've had the opportunity to be part of some pretty awesome things in my life, and this one is definitely up there.

If you've read this for any length of time, you've likely heard me mention my friend James. He's all but the reason there's an FSU tag here, a good friend of mine, and my roll dog for various sporting and beer events here in NC until he moved from Charlotte to Alabama about a year ago.

Back in 2008, I made an offhand comment that has since made a huge impact. That year, James was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and when he shared the news on Facebook, one of his friends quipped something about a sausage and meatball fundraiser and selling bracelets. I said that I'd totally buy a ROCKstrong! bracelet, and from there, a mantra was born. If you know James, you know he's rock personified, so my comment wasn't out of place to anyone reading it. But from that moment, the phrase became synonymous with his fight, and I'm honored and humbled to have been the one who birthed it.

Fast forward to present day: Not only did James put a foot up cancer's ass, he's fixin' to run 26.2 miles on it - again. James is about to do his third marathon in a year's time, this time the Chicago Marathon, this upcoming weekend. The bracelets I had once joked about became a reality, and I proudly wear one. So a huge shoutout to James as he prepares to run this weekend. If you want to donate to the American Cancer Society through his fundraising efforts, you can support here.