High Notes: 2015, What Week Is It Again?

I hit a bit of a midseason slump when it comes to providing both games of the week and weekly high notes. In my defense, I am a Leavitt era USF alumnus. (too soon?)

Part of the reason is that last weekend was Homecoming at my employer, and I'm heavily involved in putting it on. In fact, I work specifically with the parade, which typically has garnered recognition for at least one of the participants. This year is no different; this year saw a growth in band - specifically high school band - participation, and everyone present put on a show that greatly enhanced the homecoming festivities at UNC Greensboro. My High Notes for week 7 are the marching bands of Ragsdale and Smith High Schools and the drumlines of Grimsley and Page High Schools, all Guilford County (NC) Schools.

This week I headed south to Charlotte to see my Philadelphia Eagles take on the now 6-0 Carolina Panthers. There'll be more to follow on that front, but in the context of High Notes recognition, the Panthers' PurrCussion drumline is certainly worthy. I happened to be trying to link up with a friend at her tailgate on my way to the stadium. Sadly, we never connected, but I was fortunate enough to hear the sound of approaching drums. I've said before that if you ever want to lure me into a trap, the sound of distant drums would do it; I will go check them out. But these drums were headed in my direction, specifically to the Destiny's Child Lose My Breath (notedly taken from a University of Michigan cadence) intro. I got to get up close and personal with PurrCussion, and the effects from Light Em Up were amazing for a night game. The Panthers host Monday Night Football next week, so I"m sure they'll get a replay. But for now, check them out from last night: