We're less than 48 hours from the start of college football at the FBS level. Just enough time to get some HOT TAKES in!

ACC: The Atlantic Coast Conference will be won by... not Florida State. For all of the dumb stuff Jameis Winston did off the field, he insulated the team from dumb stuff on it. They're still stacked with talent, but this is a team I've seen lose to Wake Forest. Clemson fans will point out that FSU Clemsons better than them, and the division may be the Tigers' - or Louisville's - for the taking.

Big Ten: There's a new man calling the shots in a Big Ten East program, and he could very well challenge the throne upon which Ohio State currently sits. His name? Greg Drane, the new director of the Penn State Blue Band. Oh, you thought I was talking about someone else?

Big 12: Baylor. TCU. It's all we've heard for months, and it just seems far too perfect to be that cut and dry a two team race. Someone's going to jump up, and it's not even going to be one of the traditional powers. My call is Oklahoma State.

Pac-12: COLORADO TAKES ALL. OK, I can't really back that up, but I'm bullish on the Buffs because Jim Leavitt is their new defensive coordinators. The Pac-12 South is still formidable, but Ralphie'n'em make it to a bowl.

SEC: In addition to their permanent crossover rival Auburn, Georgia gets Bama in the regular season for the first time since 2008. A few possibilities stem from that. The first is that Georgia drops both, and somehow misses the East championship - again - with at least two conference losses. The second is that Georgia splits the two, and the loser wins the Iron Bowl, going on to a rematch with Georgia in the SEC championship game. making for a really interesting decision on the committee's part, assuming the aforementioned losses are the only ones for each team. 

Notre Dame: You get no HOT TAKES, Notre Dame. Join a conference and you can play.