High Notes 2015 Week 3

I missed y'all on the front end of this college football weekend; while I didn't give you a game of the week, I'm here on the back end for High Notes.

For those who want a peek behind the curtain, some work obligations - followed by some quality time with family that said work obligations had made more precious - kept me both from the preview post and from seeing much football this past Saturday. A welcome 9:15pm both allowed me to catch Ole Miss-Alabama from its start and prevented me from lasting until its conclusion.

High Notes this week, though, comes from a bit to the west of that particular tilt. the Human Jukebox of Southern University invited all comers this weekend: First, taking on Talladega College in the Midnight Madness battle, then turning right back around and going back to back, taking on their rival Jackson State's Sonic Boom of the South in the BoomBox Classic the next day.