Amazing Happens Every Saturday - 2015 Opening Weekend

: causing great surprise or wonder : causing amazement (via

Just had to make sure I was still fitting the definition, because one of today's entries takes it to a, um, different place.

First: Some dogs bite, some Dawgs bite it. You haven't seen a Redcoat fall like this since the American Revolution. a UGA sousaphone player takes a mighty spill at the band takes the field. Watch the bass drop here.

And then: Kansas State's Pride of Wildcat Land boldly goes... well, I'll let you decide for yourself. At some point on Saturday night, I saw this:

I chuckled and gave it a favorite, thinking the humor was in them calling the Jayhawk mascot offensive. I didn't get the other part, but who knows? It was the next morning my cousin shared with me the piece from Deadspin outlining the controversy: a drillset that was intended to depict archrival Kansas' mascot encountering the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek fame appeared to many to be the Jayhawk performing fellatio. For reference, the chart vs. the on-field execution:
When I first saw what had been done, my initial response to the denial and apology was "we don't believe you, you need more people." Seeing what was drawn up, however, the defense seems a little more plausible, if not unlikely. My rebuttal is this: The Pride of Wildcat Land is the Sudler Trophy's most recent recipient. While it's possible they rested on their laurels a bit, the flawed execution that made the Enterprise appear all the more phallic seems suspect. Further, in a show that they likely installed during band camp and spent all of game week cleaning, it seems strange that no one would see this set, especially if it was executed thus, and say "hey, you guys..." Instead, I offer a few alternate theories: The bit was an intentional double voir, or a few of the clarinets making up the hangar deck seized the opportunity to make up the *ahem* cockpit. The Pride's director has issued an apology, but if there was any malice aforethought, someone's quietly saying to themselves, in the parlance of the internet's latest iteration of "Deez Nuts" from Dr. Dre's the Chronic: GOT 'EEM!