Through Youthful Eyes

These go to 11.
When it comes to uniforms - primarily sports, but to a lesser extent, band/corps - I sit pretty squarely in the middle of the traditional vs. innovative spectrum. I have a lot of love for traditional unis, but can appreciate a new school design when done properly. But when it comes to drum corps and electronics, I remain pretty solidly old school and pro acoustic instrumentation. It wasn't until yesterday I realized the two are related.

The common refrain on newer, flashier uniforms is that they're for the recruits; that is, they hold appeal for younger folks, and may attract talent to the program. Yesterday, my four year old daughter and I were watching Blue Devils practice. We were up in the press box, and she's mostly playing around, paying little attention to the corps. But then they hit the part of their show where it's all electronics. She perked up. She got up and came to see what was going on. That sound - one that sounded more like what she hears on the radio and less like the marching bands she knew we were there to see, caught her interest. Flashy uniforms and amps - they're for the kids.