Around the World In...

There are a few things that come standard during the summer. On TV, you can expect reruns. In the football media and blogosphere, you can expect, as the summer doldrums drone on, the focus will turn to countdowns to the season. Here, we'll be doing a bit of both.

Sure, 100 is a nice round number, and a point where there's light (to the tune of three more months, but still) at the end of the tunnel. But here, for numbers congruence, let's start at the 20. We'll go 80 days for 80 minutes.

As I mentioned, this will be reruns, so don't expect a new post every day until the season begins. Instead, it'll be greatest hits: 80 posts from both sides of the college football and marching band fence. The series will run over on Twitter, so if you're not already following, now would be a great time to start - Monday, June 15 is 80 days out!

Expect new posts at 3pm Eastern.