Staccato Notes: Championship Eve Edition

I've been collecting a bunch of small things that have come to mind lately, none of which necessarily warrant their own post. If only I had a format for that? Oh yeah.

-"Clash of Styles" has been a common theme for the national championship game. I agree - and yet most don't mention the one at halftime.
-Worth noting: If one wants to do a side-by-side of TBDBITL and OMB, each did a West Side Story show in the past two seasons. Ohio State Oregon which is to say... good job, good effort, Oregon.
-Speaking of Ohio State, members of TBDBITL were involved in various alcohol related incidents in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. The cynic in me is inclined to quip about an ursine inclination for sylvan defecation when you put a band trip and New Orleans together, but it's worth noting such actions are verboten and, well, rules are rules.
-The College Football Playoff got a lot of things right, and one of them was preserving a marching band halftime show. I stated my preference early and often, and to their credit, I've seen no evidence that the alternative was ever considered.
-Lest we forget, the half of the division that has always had a playoff crowned a champion on Saturday - North Dakota State, for the fourth year in a row. An interesting setup put their band side-by-side with Illinois State's in one of the end zones.
-There are rumblings once again of a postseason bowl pitting the MEAC champion against the SWAC champion for a de facto Division I HBCU national champion. It seems ESPN's behind it, and some folks can't keep their mouth shut, but that's about all we know at the time. Certainly questions abound, like where, when, and what happens to the MEAC's relationship with the NCAA football playoffs. Selfishly, I want this within reach, though Nashville may be the most logical candidate, ironically under the nose of the only other Division I HBCU, Tennessee State.
-While I always think it needs far more fanfare, the latest Sudler Trophy has been awarded, this time to Kansas State's Pride of Wildcat Land. The Big 12 now boasts six. The worst part about the awarding of the Sudler? The two year layoff until the next one.
-The "ringleader" in the hazing incident that claimed the life of FAMU drum major Robert Champion has been sentenced to 77 months.
-While I haven't yet shifted gears to basketball and pep band (though that's likely coming about 24 hours from now) it's worth noting the NCAA put together a pep band top five. The Atlantic 10 claims the top two spots with VCU's Peppas and George Mason's Green Machine.
-And finally: Slate put together a national championship matchup between the two bands, and while I'll admit I spent a minute or two in my "that's my turf!" feelings, it's really damn good.