High Notes, 2014 Week 12

So first of all, it's been a guys' weekend of sorts: My wife and daughter are up in MD for a birthday party, so it's just been me and my 10 month old son. We're doing guy stuff, like... napping. And bottles.

But in all seriousness, I did get to take in more football this weekend than I typically do, and while said napping it taking place on one of our parts (I'll let you guess which one) I'm getting high notes up in a far more timely fashion.

Back when I demystified High Notes, I mentioned FSU by name as one who does a poor job meeting the Variety criterion. Still, the Marching Chiefs were omnipresent in last night's victory over Miami. The Hurricanes tend to put them in the rafters of SunLife Stadium, and despite that - or perhaps because of it - they were nearly all you heard, despite the Band of the Hour having plenty of opportunity, as Miami led for most of the game. Despite Variations on a War Chant Theme, this week's high notes citation goes unequivocally to the Marching Chiefs