BOTR Game of the Week: 2014 Week 11

I neglected last week; it was Homecoming at my employer, and while in the past I've given high notes to someone in our parade, it was, sadly, cancelled this year due to weather.

This week, I was almost inclined to give you a triple header of games that have both playoff implications and marching band interest. When I first compiled Band on the Road this year, K-State mentioned a trip to TCU as a "possible". The Pride of Wildcatland hasn't updated this, so finding no evidence to confirm their trip, I won't be including this purple Big 12 showdown.

In a game that's often had title implications, LSU is more relegated to the role of spoiler as the Crimson Tide and Million Dollar Band come to town for a night game in Death Valley. Somehow, I don't think that'll make the Tiger faithful any less enthusiastic.



Lest I be accused of SEC bias, there's interest a good deal further north as Ohio State and Michigan State revisit last year's Big Ten title game. That was the first and last time the two will play for the title, as they're now both aligned in the East, but this could very well be the knockout game for both schools' Big Ten championship game and playoff hopes.

Ohio State:

Michigan State: