High Notes 2014 Week 8

This past weekend I was hanging out with the kids while my wife was out of town, so while I caught a bit of football, it was far from the primary focus of the day. I was pleasantly surprised by a previously undocumented trip by Virginia's Cavalier Marching Band down to Duke in the noon time slot, and of course the big game of the night with the Band of the Fighting Irish making the trip down to Tallahassee was notable for many reasons.

Still, since we live in the internet age, there are a few viral hits that I was able to catch this weekend. Continuing to prove that Amazing Happens Every Saturday, both Ohio State and Florida State put in some work this weekend.

TBDBITL's Classic Rock show:

Marching Chiefs' Beyonce show:
Halftime Show, FSU vs. Notre Dame from Marching Chiefs on Vimeo.