High Notes 2014 Week 6

And oh, what a week 6 it was. Eleven top 25 teams took the fall, and the state of Mississippi had the best day since Reconstruction on the backs of wins by Ole Miss and Mississippi State over top 10 division rivals.

While I caught a bit of the day's action, my high note for the week was not football related as well. Just over four years ago, my wife and I lost our friend Karen to ovarian cancer. That same year was the inaugural Athena's Run, organized in no small part by Karen's partner Beth. Athena's Run benefits the Gynecological Cancer Fund and the Forsyth Medical Center Foundation, with the intent of fighting gynecological cancers. We were at the inaugural race, but were unable to make it back until this year, the fifth.

When returning to the team formed in her memory, Karen's Krusaders, we caught back up with a few folks we hadn't seen in some time, including Beth and some friends from my wife's grad school days. And not unlike when she was with us, Karen was again bringing us together, this time a few years older, with a few more kids in tow, and with my wife actually running the race this time through. it was a great opportunity to honor her memory and raise some funds for an important cause.

If you feel compelled to donate to the cause, you still can.