High Notes 2014 Week 5

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd postulate that the notoriously SEC-leaning ESPN protects their investment by miking SEC bands better than others. A lot of the time, though, they're just that damn good.

Still though, this week's high notes citation comes not from a college stadium in the deep south, but from a pro stadium just outside the Big Apple. Syracuse took on Notre Dame at Met Life Stadium, and the Pride of the Orange was putting in work, even as the gray-clad orange fell to the Fighting Irish. The Band of the Fighting Irish didn't make the trip to the first game of their ACC-adjacent slate, but Syracuse more than held it down.

In other orange news: I've been waiting for the announcement of gametime, and it's here. I'm headed to Louisville at Clemson Saturday after next, and it'll be a 3:30 game. This is exactly what I was hoping for - it gives me plenty of time to get down there from Greensboro and get back up the same night. Death Valley, here I come!