High Notes - 2014 Week 2

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I work professionally in fraternity and sorority life. This past week was Panhellenic sorority recruitment, making my high note of the week Bid Day. As a corollary, I didn't watch a whole lot of football this past weekend. This weekend I find myself in a similar situation, with IFC fraternity recruitment; that event wraps up on Saturday, but after that is some much-needed family time, so I may or may not find myself in front of a TV at all this Saturday.

That said, there's some good stuff out there. It's likely you've caught Ohio State's TV Land show form this past weekend, which impressed amidst a losing effort from the football team, and there's a good deal else out there as well. With each passing week and year, there are folks who are more on point about sharing what marching/athletic music has to offer, and for someone who isn't in a stadium nearly as often as I'd like, I certainly appreciate it.