High Notes 2014 Week 1

Really, is there any higher note than the return of football itself? I'd offer that there isn't.

I'm in a different situation this year as it relates to college football viewing. My wife and I got rid of cable about a year and a half ago, so I'm now entering my second football season without it. That said, until recently I had a *ahem* situation that at least allowed me access to ESPN content. This since has dried up, leaving me access to only those games that are televised on the major networks. It's not a horrible deal; I get the big game on ABC, SEC on CBS, home Notre Dame on NBC, and whatever Fox shows, plus typically ACC action on local TV here in NC. I can also still watch the internet/WatchESPN-based ESPN3, which boded well for me this weekend as USF's game was on it.

On the marching side of the equation, I'm fortunate that, above and beyond what I can glean from stands performances while watching games, more and more spaces online are sharing great marching content in near-real time. NBC Sports was quick to highlight the Band of the Fighting Irish, and Southern's Band on the Road performance at Louisiana was available quickly as well. Outlets like Eight to Five Entertainment improve their offerings year to year and week by week, and College Marching is, like myself, amplifying whatever is out there.

For Week 1's High Notes citation I head down to Brighthouse Networks Stadium in Orlando, FL. While the home team was off in Ireland, the cable box played host to the MEAC/SWAC Challenge, typically held in the Citrus Bowl which is currently under renovation. Being in Greensboro, I'm used to A&T's particular brand of excellence, but I don't get nearly the same look at SWAC schools on a regular basis, and the Marching Maroon and White came to play as well. The folks over at Eight to Five were all over the coverage there, so I got to see both bands show up and show out.

Quick note for the coming weekend of action: For my day job - you know, the one that pays me - I work in fraternity and sorority life, and this week is Panhellenic recruitment on my campus. As such, I don't know how much I'll have to contribute this coming weekend, since I know I won't get much viewing in. Thanksfully, sources like those pointed out above make it a bit easier to see what's going on, even if it's not live.