BOTR Game of the Week 2014 Week 5

It's perhaps a bit imprudent to post the game of the week after a good chunk of the week's action has already begun, but I assure you there were enough possibilities to go around. One, in fact - a dual Sudler matchup - would be quite late, as the Goin' Band from Raiderland visited Oklahoma State in a Thursday night game. Elsewhere in the former Southwestern Conference, Arkansas and Texas A&M are kicking off as I type this in the home of Arkansas alumnus Jerry Jones in Arlington, but I've given the Aggies their fair share of burn in the past week or so.

Instead, I'm going to head to the midwest, where Cincinnati will leave Kentucky travel across the state to Ohio State in what may be the best chance of late for an in-state school to get the best of the flagship. It hasn't happened in 93 years, and though I left the "we all we got" mantra in the former Big East, it would be a great win for the American.


Ohio State: