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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Before the Clock Starts: SEC

Before the Clock Starts is back for a third year, and this time, we're doing full conferences.

As with last year, we'll take a look at what college bands do before the clock starts: The pregame show. Designed to set the tone for the football game to follow, pregame shows are, by design, high-energy, crowd-focused, and school-centric. On the final Saturday before football rejoins our lives, we conclude with the SEC.

With all conferences, I look for the most recent representation I could find, and in many cases, those came from this past season. With a few schools, I had to look further back, and with just a handful, there was no true video at all. I'd love to see these schools step up and give us something to appreciate!

Getting antsy and want to see all schools? Here's the master playlist.

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