Before the Clock Starts 2014

With all due respect to Georgia Southern and Abilene Christian, who start this coming football season with a Wednesday night tilt, college football starts for most five weeks from tonight, with Texas A&M and South Carolina kicking off the first game between two power conference teams. Two days later, the fall Saturday routine returns. Each Saturday until then, I'll be reprising Before the Clock Starts.

Now in its third season, Before the Clock Starts references both the time before the season and the time before the game clock starts: Namely, the pregame show. Designed to set the tone for the football game to follow, pregame shows are, by design, high-energy, crowd-focused, and school-centric.

This year, I'm doing things a bit different. Instead of just highlighting the conference champions, playlists will let the entire conference get in on the action. Regrettably, as the college football landscape has changed, I've slimmed down to just the five power conferences - a theme repeated with this year's Band on the Road - meaning that I, like major college football, am leaving my own USF Bulls out in the cold. Still, with just five football-less Saturdays remaining, I hope this serves to whet your appetite, as a new conference will post each Saturday morning, around the time you'd be flipping on the Worldwide Leader's college football pregame show. See you on Saturday!