Semper ParAtUs

Semper Paratus. Always Ready. It's the motto of the United States Coast Guard, but it would be appropriate for any marching band.

Like a good defense, a marching band has to have their head on a swivel all game long. Indeed, an action from just such a defense can, in an instant, turn a band from watching an opposing offense to a horns up for the fight song. And while it was a special teams play, Auburn cornerback Chris Davis tested just how ready the Auburn University Marching Band was in the final play of the 2013 Iron Bowl.

True enough, the fight song was on tap anyway as the 4th quarter expired. But in the wake of one of college football's greatest finishes, 300-some of Auburn football's most ardent supporters had to have the presence of mind to channel unspeakable elation through their instruments, watch their drum major, and do precisely what they were there to do. Watching this excitement give way to duty is awesome.
I mentioned that it was a testament to the power of the play that I didn't even know what the band had done in that instant. All the credit in the world to Brazzell Video for capturing it, and special thanks to @JoshBrandfon and @BobbyBigWheel for sharing.