Championship Halftime

Maybe the Worldwide Leader finally heard my pleas. Maybe the Rose Bowl's band-friendly policy helped push this through. Maybe the fact that there's just one last game and tons of affiliated networks made them cede the time. But whatever the reason, halftime of the national championship game will be available, in full, on ESPN Classic and ESPN3. Both the Marching Chiefs and Auburn University Marching Band's halftime shows will be viewable.

About a month ago, I saw this video, detailing the phenomenal work that goes into an NFL production.

ESPN seems to be outdoing themselves with all of the offerings they're putting forth for this game across their platforms. I'm confident they'll pour this level of attention into showing the halftime shows. After all, production notes at a practice would go a long way, and cameras won't have to anticipate play action passes, Auburn's read option, and rapid changes resulting from fumbles or interceptions. What each band rehearsed will be exactly what they will bring to halftime.

As you may expect, I find it pretty exciting. I'll be over on Twitter using the hashtag #whowonhalftime, and of course, as always, you can follow me at @80mins. See you at halftime!