BOTR Game of the Week, 2013 Week 10

A few consecutive busy weekends kept me from identifying these games a few weeks in a row, but I'm back in the saddle.

Not to be on Ohio State's, um, buckeyes too much, but after the viral acclaim of the last two weeks, they have earned the "What will they do next?" expectation. This week, TBDBITL goes on the road as Ohio State takes on Purdue, and the band that made MJ moonwalk a few weeks ago will face the band that actually had a member walk on the moon. It's a Big Ten Network game, and the station would do well to put what may be the conference's best foot right now forward and show halftime. For that matter, if you're in the vicinity of West Lafayette, tickets are available on StubHub for just $6.50. I'm positive halftime alone will be worth that price of admission.

Having given you your fair share of Ohio State's Marching Band recently, I'll instead just include the All-American Marching Band's intro video.