BOTR Game of the Week, 2013 Week 6

You'll note there was no High Notes feature this past week; I didn't watch enough football to catch anything worth recognizing.

As we move into the Game of the Week for Week 6, I'll note that last week I steered clear of the HBCU matchup only because it had no media. While I realize ESPN3 perhaps fits only the loosest definition of television coverage, I'll count it, and this week I'm naming the Bank of America Atlanta Classic. I had the pleasure of seeing South Carolina State's Marching 101 come to Greensboro to take on A&T's Blue and Gold Marching Machine last year, so it definitely makes it a matchup to look forward to this year. The only downside is that they take this game to Atlanta. The Georgia Dome notwithstanding, this battle needs to take place in Greensboro, Spartanburg, or back in Charlotte as the Rivalry Classic. This time around the videos are mine, taken from last year's matchup.

North Carolina A&T:

South Carolina State: