Blurred Yard Lines

I've had a strange relationship with Blurred Lines ever since the pop tune came out. On the one hand, lyrically, it is at best misogynistic and at worst downright rapey. On the other hand, musically, it's one of the catchiest tunes in recent memory. I felt pretty good it would hit the field this marching season, and while I've seen at least one rendition I didn't much care for, I figured that wouldn't be the only one. It may not be, but the Marching 110 won't be among them.  

Ohio University's band director made the decision - a consensus with other university leaders - that the band would not include Blurred Lines in its field show, for the detractions mentioned above. I can see both sides of coin here. On the one hand, the subject matter and surrounding controversy could diminish the overall intent of the 110, which is, of course, a crowd-pleasing show. If there's knowledge that the song would make some uncomfortable, pulling it makes sense. That said, I wouldn't have been mad - or admittedly, thought twice - if they had kept it. My reason (rationale?) is this: That which makes the song objectionable lies in the lyrical content. The band arrangement, then, contains only the damn catchy tune, the tune which placed it in heavy rotation at radio stations worldwide and kept it at the top of the charts. So in the sense of pleasing a crowd, I have no doubt they would have gotten it done had they made that decision as well.

The Marching 110 will be bringing back The Fox from an earlier field show to fill the vacant spot at halftime this week. Having seen that one already, I don't think the audience at Peden Stadium will object.