BOTR Game of the Week, 2013 Week 5

I'd really love to take this week to highlight the Boombox Classic. Jackson State's Sonic Boom of the South and Southern's Human Jukebox is always highly anticipated, and I know the Marching Podcast - hosted by Jackson State alumnus Joseph Beard - will be covering it this week on the 90 Degree Show. Unfortunately, with no media coverage, there'll be no way to see this one live outside of Baton Rouge. And while the other band from Baton Rouge has typically been good for a feature, I cannot seem to confirm or deny if the entire Golden Band from Tigerland is making the trip between the hedges. So instead, I'll head north, as will the road band.

Last year, the victory over Oklahoma was Notre Dame's high water mark and when serious national title contention talks got louder for more than the folks who will say it every year because they're Notre Dame. This year, Oklahoma heads up to South Bend, and they're bringing the Pride with them. Recent controversy notwithstanding, it'll be a dual Sudler matchup between two historical football powers in the relative shadow of the College Football Hall of Fame. Thanks to the complete media coverage of Notre Dame via NBC, we should be able to see both halftime shows, as home Notre Dame halftime performances are typically available on


Notre Dame: